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Banning Online Poker in the Australian IGA 2016 is Political Suicide that must be Revised Immediately Based on Facts & Understanding for the Good of All - Open Letter

I have just returned from my first trip to the World Series of Poker, I felt I needed to blog / write an open letter about something else before getting into the nitty gritty of my trip, winners, lifestyle and what can only be described as Vegas madness on my part. If you want to hear all about that and see some pictorial evidence, stay tuned. This is my first blog in a very long time and I wanted to touch on something that had my entire heart, soul and mind attached to it that as an ambassador for poker players in the past and a poker front runner (so to speak), this needed to be said; by me. I am standing back up on my pedestal again. Let my fight, our fight, really begin!

I am hoping my blog post touches the core of the political parties both in the USA and Australia. I am hoping my blog points things out in ways that no one has managed to get across before. I am hoping that the people reading this are the right people and frankly, I will ensure that this happens by sending political hierarchy a link and tweeting it to them (hello politician that is reading this, and thank you). I can say all of this without fear now. I can push the points without legal ramifications or financial and career destruction, I don't have a career. So, lets do this!

The Interactive Gambling Amendment Law 2016 has just messed us up in Australia, by us, I mean most of us, not just poker players, the food chain is large. I was messed up previously when the FBI etc. stepped in and shut down sites in the USA too. You can read prior posts about the pain and anguish I personally faced and the destruction it caused me on my blog, right here by having a little look through older posts. One particular post I made was about freedom, and what it really is! It also warned the population of Australia that they could be next. Well, say hello to next! Its now happened!

I'd like to think that we have smart folk in our upper house, lower house, in our senate, smart politicians that can run businesses, crunch figures and see sense and act on our behalf. I say that lightly because nothing relating to banning a game of skill, a past time loved by many Australians and a game that does not 'usually' create problem gamblers to 'surface' has been banned. We all know about this ban. I am not here to give new news, again, I am here on the BLAST and BEG and PLEA! Why am I writing this doubting the intelligence of the Australian and US parliamentarians? Why are we all? It shouldn't be happening. Furthermore this is actually Political Suicide on your part if you voted against and is far from intelligent.

My trip to the WSOP gave me the front-line ammunition to fire hard regarding this topic and shed new light (its actually old light but has extra strength now) on poker and why it should NOT be classified in the same category as stupid poker machines (slot machines) or roulette or any other game relating to mere chance (or rather, NO CHANCE!). For three days straight I watched none other than poker legend Daniel Negreanu play poker variants, various kinds. For three days I watched magic. I saw one of the most mathematical calculated minds in the industry PROVE beyond reasonable doubt (as he took the first spot for all time money winning in live tournament cashes) that skill is a required asset to succeed in poker, you can not win without it. There are thousands and thousands of poker players (total) playing in each World Series of Poker Event yet we see him coming third, second etc. and destroying those around him when it comes to reading other players and working out probabilities and other mathematical equations that I wont bore mere mortal minds with (no pun intended). Of course, he couldn't perform like this on a poker machine (slot machine) he has as much chance as a fish, a skill-less problem gambler pushing money through slot machines or playing bingo in a bingo hall. He does perform online though - how astonishing, huh? Its the same game / sport!

Daniel "Kid Poker" Negreanu Playing "Another" Final Table at the WSOP 2017

To further push this point across that banning poker online along with other ridiculous games of pure chance I refer to James Obst, mostly because he is Aussie but also because I have followed his story and genius for a very long time and he is a fabulous example to the point where online meets live and skill shows off chance. You can read all about James on my blog also, you will see him under poker prodigies and also underage gambling, right here if you are able to look hard enough. James is a poker genius, he is an elite sports man that uses the mind that he was given to out skill other time and time again, make no mistake by even slightly thinking other wise. James has just won a WSOP bracelet in RAZZ to add to his already huge list of accomplishments. He also came second in a grueling heads up game that I unfortunately also missed watching, though I did cheer him on.

James Obst is an Australian legend to what has to be a million or more Australians now alike Joseph Hachem (though Joe did win the main event). He was a legend previously in my mind when he made it quite clear to the world that age and chance has no barrier to poker online when he destroyed the online poker tables for beyond ridiculous amounts of money whilst under age. Money that all of you reading this likely make from your fields, politics, running our country and making the right decisions. The skill is so high when it comes to these men in poker! The analytical minds, the abilities are only comprehensible by stopping, thinking and REALLY UNDERSTANDING. Whilst countries like Canada cheer on their greats like Daniel Negreanu, Australians leave the cheering to the likes of AFL (Australian Football League).

Come on! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi! Why the hell cant we cheer these guys on when they play online (and live of course) using brains? Is it only masculinity and physical skill and power that matters to our Australian Politicians? If this is the case, which it seems, none of you should be in parliament! You allow AFL players to do their thing and earn hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, rugby league players and Olympians alike - but when it comes to using an organ, a brain like the legendary Doyle Brunson has and other lightly physical impacting things such as sitting for 12hrs+ you say its bad and ban it? What the actual hell? Studies show that poker even helps combat Alzheimers for crying out loud! This is our mental health we are talking about and the continual use of a primary - THE PRIMARY organ!

Online poker players use more brain ability to make their money, they sit longer and play harder than you, our parliamentarians to earn their cash. Lets emphasize EARN due to the facts that: it has to be worked for and its not just a hand over on a daily basis. It is stressful, mind tiring and far from an easy job. Political persons make decisions that have great impact on all Australians, those decisions are easier to make than one at a poker table with up to 200k on the line each week where calculus is a must. James made good choices and good decisions as a child, let alone an adult. James continues to make good decisions. Where did James get his skill? Playing ONLINE POKER! Reading, studying and playing at a young age. This of course is not possible for children now, the security is as it should be, I must point that out. Just to show you how above these guys are, to you (assumption) click HERE and solve or even read these kinds of equations!

Referring to James obviously gives favor to us against the stupid IGA laws that you, the Australian parliament has just passed. How can anyone sit back and destroy the lives of Australians and dumb others down by banning a mathematically challenging online game? I would really love to see my sons using their brain to huge depth and becoming smarter Australian men by playing this game. Instead all I see is football injuries and the brains knocked the fuck out of them on a weekly basis (do not get me wrong, I am footy mad! Love the game, its hardly different though, (excluding it knocking heads off), there are lucky bounces, lucky marks and kicks, and a huge element of talent and skill. There is also the whole gambling side of it - online gambling where we bet on Brownlow medals and of course our weekly tipping.

So my point is to show you that I have seen with my own eyes and to direct you to these things I have seen so YOU can see. You can realize the difference between poker and other things, games, stupid, stupid games and change the law! Reverse this nonsense immediately and fix this shit for the better of this country! There is such danger of Australians falling victim to black market operators instead of corporate giants that are on the stock exchange and rely on good reputation and ensuring player safety such as 888Poker who pulled out of the Aussie online poker market before you made the law in order to do the right thing. I hope this act at the least shows just how above board and diligent operators can be..... current trusted ones, that is!

Making the decision you made, if it was against excluding online poker from the IGA, in my mind was possibly due to laziness. You simply couldn't write a damn sentence to exclude poker from the IGA. You all knew all about it and could differentiate, I watched this shit go down. You made it clear, all of you, that you at least partially understood what the Australian Poker Alliance said to you. To those that couldn't or wouldn't understand, I call you moronic. Go read. You have no part representing the citizens of this country. You did NOTHING to represent the understanding of poker and lazed your way out of a small amendment. I ask you, on behalf of every Australian to amend it now! Not in a year or two, now! Sadly, it was a whole bunch of people from similar parties. Do you all have a plan to make Australians hate you and vote you out or do the right thing by the majority and be loved? I am a little confused about your actions here, to be brutally honest. The Australians you have just pissed off, destroyed or alienated are everyone from single mums that want to stay home with their kids on a Friday night and pay $2 for hours of entertainment through to big business men that earn more than you do who also want to kick back and chill.

I send my thanks (and everyone elses in Australia that gives a damn) to Senator David Leyonhjelm and anyone else trying to now fix this mess parliament unnecessarily made. Pauline Hanson & Derryn Hinch, to name a few that were all for allowing online poker to remain, have brains (and now more popularity). Clearly they are able to understand the in-depth skill required to play this online game. I also send my thanks to anyone reading this that will use it and the data / information provided (via links) to impact a hopeful immediate decision to alter this complete madness, even if you did make a prior poor decision regarding it due to ignorance, laziness or peer pressure.

There is no time like now! Get on it and let Aussie have a little freedom to do the thing they love. Show Australia, you are on the side of Australians, the government is really starting to be frowned on by the general public. There's a lot of poker players included in our general population, to say the least and you can turn this around. In addition to all of the above I would like to lasty add that we, poker players agree with the rest of the IGA. We are with you and want our citizens protected from gambling on shit they shouldnt that destroys lives.

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