Saturday, July 1, 2017

Should you go to the World Series of Poker & Why?

I have played poker, written poker, spoken poker on radio & video reported poker various times for so long I guess you could say that like everyone else I have lived and breathed poker. Going beyond this I have worked in poker & casino software development, marketing and managing of players and teams. Until this year though the World Series of Poker simply couldn't happen. I'd had my identity stolen and a mass of personal issues preventing me from leaving this great country, Australia. So, did I actually miss out on anything and are you too? Is the WSOP all its cracked up to be and should you prioritize your visit?

2017 WSOP Entrance Painted Stairs

In short, the answer to this is yes. No matter what level of play, no matter what country, city or province you live if you play poker you really should be saving to attend this prestigious event. The World Series if Poker is the pinnacle of poker events. It sorts out the cats from the mice and its no surprise that year after year we see the greatest poker players alive cashing time and time again, making final tables and winning bracelets. I suppose, the WSOP is equivalent to the super bowl or AFL grand-final on a singular level. Its like running as a professional runner year after year and then attending the Olympics. It is the height of the game, the industry and its skill.

I have broadcast and written about many events that I have watched and attended. Almost every single year I have attended the Aussie Millions Poker Championship & seen many an elite player in the main event and side events building chip towers and showing off their brilliance. As “upper class” as these tournaments are, these aren't the grand finals or rather, championships for poker and the caliber of players in mass numbers, indescribable numbers in fact makes this quite clear. Also making this point clear are the very many events that take place covering almost every poker variant one could possibly think of and over a fair buy-in structure to give all levels a chance.

I see the WSOP as a tiered series. The buy-ins tier the players from best to worse (rich business men messing around excluded here). You have available affordable events for the players who are building a roll and are on a stringent budget and then the players who are set, have poker as life and are good enough to play in every event they wish (so long as they don't overlap) up to $111,111.00 for the one drop, a charity bracelet event. You also have sponsored and staked players that are playing as per affordability or funding received, again, leveling them into the right play level for them. A good example of how this is factual is the Colossus event which had 18503 players enter at the low budget buy in of just $565. It only makes perfect sense that this event would drag in the largest amount of hopefuls given when it comes to the poker food chain, there are a lot more lower level players than higher. Its great value for money too, if you run deep!

The main event is what everyone always talks about when we recap the world series from prior years though. Generally you do not hear of X player winning event X last year and taking down a bracelet unless its someone you know, or a friend of a friend, or, a person who has just taken down another major tournament and its brought to life. The main event at the word series of poker is in reality what everyone wants to win. Who doesn't want to be the greatest poker player on earth when its their hobby or life? Of course the event doesn't draw over 18,000 players, there just are not enough players with the roll to fund this level of play. There are however satellites at the WSOP to gain entry into the ME & of course ways to gain entry online all year round with the likes of 888poker, the title sponsor (if your country or state allows online poker play, they have some awesome live events to attend instead if you cant).

Do I suggest attending Vegas and the WSOP to play live satellites or small side events and cash games? You betcha! Attendance is just something every poker player needs to do to comprehend the atmosphere, the sheer amount of players in attendance and just how serious poker really is! I only imagined what the WSOP would be like prior to attending it. Let me finalize by saying, it blew my mind and was nothing like my imagination made it out to be like. Get saving, get packing and get your arse there! You wont be sorry! Not even if you spend your time railing the worlds greatest players. I am returning with 888 Poker Pod Radio for the main event in the coming week. Time to watch the glory of glories and the champion for 2017 take down their bracelet! Good luck to those competing!


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