Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Poker Song I'm ALL IN Co-Written by Hot Aussie Chick Danielle Adams-Benham Releases!

As mentioned in a previous blog I have been busy co-writing the new hit poker song I'm ALL IN by Jimmie Lee Jersey Outlaw. The song can be heard by clicking here: Jimmie Lee Song I'm ALL IN! I have taken my writing to a new level that it seems no other poker journalist has before and i am pretty ecstatic about it!

I'm ALL IN is being released this week on iTunes and available for purchase at CDBaby.
The Jersey Outlaw and myself decided there were just not enough poker songs available to grind away to as poker players listened to their iPods and music from their PC's while playing.

Everyone know the songs “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers and “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga, but we decided that a little new age rock with a country fling was on the cards for music lovers and poker players.

We know that "I'm ALL IN" perfectly captures the emotions that a poker player feels when they are sweating it out in a big tournament or cash game praying that the poker gods will deliver the right card to seal their fate. We know as I have felt it!

Check out some of the lyrics below.

“Sweatin' and a Shakin' as I play my last hand, this could be the beginning or could be the end”

“My chips are on the table I got one card to go, I gotta hit the river,man, or I'm going home”

“I'm all in!”

Both Jimmie Lee and myself will be signing CD's for by the box loads in the months to come as Jimmie starts his 2011 tour including sold out shows in Las Vegas, and opening for legendary rocker, George Thorogood The pair are splashing the media and television, the song will be played at poker events, and at Celebrity Poker Tournaments where Jimmie is sure to be shown in hi
s new high roller clothing shirt which is available to purchase along with his CD's.

You can get more information about the Jersey Outlaw Jimmie Lee by visiting his site at and again hear the song here!

You have read many of my articles, sometimes we forget the words we read! I hope that my words in the song will stay in the heads of players for eternity after they catch on and purchase it. I'm ALL IN! Watcha think about that? I'm ALL IN, Yeah I like it like that! xoxo


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